The Music

Logan Strosahl proves there is no Inside/Outside divide, dismantling all dialectics: he’s melodic and free, reverent and irreverent, methodical and spontaneous, swinging and angular, raw and beautiful. ” –Aaron Goldberg

Up Go We coming out on Sunnyside Records July 7th, 2015!


CONTRAFACT  #1 (comp: Alex Lore)–Logan Strosahl (alt Sax), Alex Lore (alt Sax) Julian Maliandi (gtr), Pete Moffet (drms), Jon Lee (bass)

JUNGLE JEWEL–Logan Strosahl Team—Sam Decker (tn. sx), Andrew McGovern (trmp), Michael Sachs (clar), Henry Fraser (bass), Nick Sanders (pno), Connor Baker (drums)

ROUND TRIP (comp: Ornette Coleman)–Nick Sanders, Logan Strosahl

ERONEL (comp: Thelonious Monk)–Logan Strosahl (sax), Henry Fraser (bs), Connor Baker (drums), Nick Sanders-Pno)




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